Are you ready to play a larger game with Love?

Ok so here’s how- begin writing Outrageous Love Letters! Really!

A little background…

In every moment we have the choice to be open or to be closed.

In other words, we have the choice to actually love open the moment, every moment, or we can choose to remain closed, and the moment remains closed. Hummmmm…..

When we stay open in love, when we love the moment open, something happens, something new is born, a new reality, a new goodness is born, a new love is formed

New is Born! We are pulsing, alive in the flow of Life!

Feel into that…How Amazing, yes? That we actually have the capacity, the choice to love the moment open! Wow!

So get this, when we write an Outrageous Love Letter, we begin to access this profound capacity to Love the moment open.

We begin to connect with Love, the Love Intelligence that lives in us, as us and through us, Uniquely.

In the practice of writing Outrageous Love Letters you are awakening and strengthening your own inner capacity to love the moment open and… a bonus… to fully receive and take in the awesome gift that lives in that moment, whoa! Come on, step, inside, the moment, We’ll show you how!

 It’s astounding and hold on, it’s really simple!

It’s kind of like going to the gym and working out. Writing Outrageous Love Letters is an exercise of the heart.  The workout, the practice, literally opens your heart muscle. Cool, yes?

The ongoing practice of writing Outrageous Love Letters works out your Love muscle and strengthens your ability to love the moment open, rather than contracting, clenching and staying small.

From here, as you continue with the practice, you begin to create a steady, deep, profound connection to the love that animates all there is! Really! For Real!

And get this, As you continue the practice, you become more and more aware that YOU, yes Love, YOU, are Outrageous Love itself! Kinda wild huh?

You discover, that you are Outrageous Love expressing itself, Uniquely as YOU! Love, having a YOU experience! Totally wild, YES?

That my Love’s, is a shift in identity that literally changes everything! How would you live your life if you knew, really understood that to be true, That you were Love itself! Wow!